Leave it to the Birds

Feathers have been a huge trend for the past few seasons, and it looks like its not going away anytime soon. Here are some of my favorite feather/bird accessories you can buy or take inspiration from to make in order to "fashion up" your look.

  1. Peacock earrings by imogeneANDannie
  2. Nest Egg Pin by MadeByLaura
  3. Flo Birdcage Veil-Red II by 5eizen
  4. Leather Birdie Pale Stripes Sunglass Case by GreedyGoretti
  5. Recycled Leather Feather Necklace by tomatedepingles
  6. Headdress Ring by gemmafactrix
  7. Feathers Necklace by Smoobage
  8. Chic Green Peacock Feather Headband by KatieQ033

Etsy Seller of the Week

I absolutely am dying over this store. I love everything thats in it and I want to learn how to make EVERYTHING in here... oh wait, I already do. Visit iheartnorwegianwood, you will be delighted! 

Crazy for Monograms

Here's a trend I've been noticing lately! Monogram initials.... on everything...such as this trendy monogram gold crown pendant by Jennifer Zeuner ($525). I guess people just forget who they are (ahem...too much wine...note to self- STOP doing that immediately!) Regardless, here are some GREAT (and wallet friendly) accessories that you can personalize with whatever monogram you want.

Huge monogram cuff made by katieq033
Copper custom dot by museglass
Sweet Petite initial ring by 32lives
Charm Me by Brooklynrehab
Monogram Spectacle Case by chaosandanarchy
Monogram Market Tote by shopmemento
Rock On Necklace by J2Jewelry
Custom Initial Charm Ring by Studiohappy
Customized Initial Cufflinks by lotusjewelrystudio

DIY Oversized Hobo Bag

Oversized hobo bags never seam to go out of style. Hobo bags are a huge trend for spring. Instead of dropping half a months rent, do it like our friends at Etsy Labs. The link below will give you a step by step tutorial on how to make your own hobo bag. The free pattern can be downloaded at Burda style.
Click here for the video

Marc By Marc Jacobs Runway Look

Here is a hot look straight of the spring 09 runway brought to us by none other than the fabulous Marc Jacobs. This is a look from his Marc by Marc runway show. There's no question this is an easy going look perfect for the warm weather soon to come. I'm sure you know that this would also make a "knot" so easy dent in your wallet. So be a recessionista, and follow my lead. Here is how to get the look, and craft your own accessories to pull it together.

How to make the accessories seen (multi strand necklace and headband)
  1. Gather silk and nylon cording. Here is a good website to find what you need:
  2. Start of by tying knots into the multiple strands of cording. Here is a great tutorial showing you how to tie different knots to achieve the look you want:
  3. If you don't want to craft your own, or you want some inspiration, take a look at Etsy seller jenkahn who has a great multi knotted strand necklace.
  4. Knitting a large headband as seen is easy! All you need is some worsted yarn and knitting needles. Here is a link that shows you an easy step by step way: