Thistle and Clover

I'm so excited! Today I got an offer to have my jewelry line carried at the ultra cool and trendy boutique Thistle and Clover in Brooklyn, NY. I was even featured on their blog last week!

Co-founders Camilla Gale and Rand Niederhoffer conceived of Thistle & Clover as a home away from home. Stacks of beautifully wrought rings sit amidst vintage books and hand pressed note cards. The clothing is carefully hand picked from an exciting group of young, up-and-coming designers that fit into Thistle & Clover’s unique and accessible aesthetic.

The girls met while at university in Scotland and found in one another a kindred spirit. Years of traveling around Europe’s small outdoor markets, searching for one-of-a kind treasures have honed their knack for finding enchanting and special pieces that are not easily located elsewhere.

Thistle & Clover was designed by Edward I. Mills + Associates, an award-winning architectural firm that has created sleek storefronts for companies including Agnes B. and Kenneth Cole, among others.

The store offers coffee and treats to their Sunday visitors, and regularly invites friends and family of the store for nights of shopping and chatting in their backyard garden.

NY Fashion Week

The most exciting thing is happening tomorrow! No, I'm not getting a mani-pedi, even though that would basically be the highlight of my month- it is the kick off of NEW YORK FASHION WEEK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! This is so great! I'm going to attempt to sneak in at all costs (which is mostly my dignity) I'm hoping that my roomate who works for a fashion PR company can finagle me in somehow, someway. A lowly fashion slave such as myself usually only dreams of waltzing under the great tents of Bryant park, canoodling with the likes of Heidi Klum and Victoria B. But I have a plan people- and if I can pull this off I will officially be possibly the coolest person in America. The plan you ask, let me indulge you my dear friends!

First, I am going to wear all black (standard new york attire!). I'll probably wear something weird like underwear on my head (black) and mile high stilletos, and I'll fit right in. Next, I am going to walk around with a sallow expression, and slightly sulk a little. I'm going to make some sort of badge, what will be written on it is yet to be decided. I will wear this pathetic thing around my neck and run around pretending to be important. Then, I will walk up to the large group of smokers sulking outside of the tent. I'll wave to a few people, blow some kisses. Of course they will wave back because they will think they are supposed to know me and they won't want to let on they have no idea who the hell I am. Finally, when a few people in the group throw their marlboro lights on the floor, I will do the same, and follow them right back into the tent. Quickly, I'll nod to Anna Wintour, flash a smile at the cute security guard who is making sure crazy fashionista's such as myself don't sneak into the tents, and make myself comfortable inevitably in the back row of an amazing (hopefully) fashion show.

So that's the plan people. Hopefully this works out... I will keep you updated!

Great crafting tutorial!

Hey guys! So I've been crazy busy lately, filling orders for a few boutiques (yay!) and making new crafts! I thought of a great new idea, and apparently I'm not as totally cool and original as I once thought because there is ALREADY a tutorial on how to do this. What is this magnificent project you say? None other than making a totally cool punky chic vest ala Vivienne Westwood style! Soooo, lucky for me now I don't have to write it (I admit it, I'm lazy!) But here's the link to it

Here's some great Etsy sellers that have taken applique' embellishments to the extreme!
  1. Flora Tee, by elizandaxel
  2. Merino Wool Cowl Top, by econica
  3. All you need is love tote, by greatfulthread
  4. Tank Dress, by DoveTree
  5. Sweet diamond dreams dress, by WholeLottaLook

Designer Watch:

I am salivating.... not over pasta, or Brad Pitt, but over the delectable designs by Jeweler extraordinaire Karen Karch. I stumbled upon this amazing designer accidentally while surfing the web for inspiration. I am especially fond of her rose gold and black diamond with black onyx collection. Tempting yes, high price tag, YES, worth it? DOUBLE YES! Ok, even though it IS worth it, and god knows I would spend the money if I weren't being a recessionista, I can get the look (AKA GORGOUS rock star quality baubles that says in your FACE jewelry). Here are some great items that I love  that will rock you out without rocking the budget... boys, pay attention...Valentines day is JUST around the corner!

  1. Glossy Onyx Ring, by LaDeeDaJewelry $17.50
  2. Black and Gold Four Leaf Clover Enamel Necklace, by NYLightMetals $38.00
  3. Onyx Crop Circle Earrings, by designstudio504 $12.00
  4. Crush, by SASessories $29.00
  5. Black Silk Organza Headband, by Summerblossom $17.00
  6. Acrylic Inverted Diamond Ring, by Plastique $10.00

NY Fashion Week

2 weeks and 3 days until the amazing NY fashion week!

I am amazing

I did a little crafting tonight, and I just wanted to share with you my new creations!....I am soooo excited.. I love this idea. Sorry, I would share my "how to" but unfortunately I'm selling these items in my jewelry line and the last thing I need is someone ripping me off. BUT, if you would like to PURCHASE one of these items, please go to my ETSY store. If you say you saw this on my blog under the comments to the seller during purchase, I will give you 20% off of your order, just email me before paying so I can adjust the price for you! Thanks my savvy crafty readers!


Metallic's are right on the money right now! I love everything from silvery pewter, to bronze, to platinum! A great way to add some shine to your wardrobe is adding metallic bangles. Big chunky bangles such as those made by Kenneth Jay Lane can run you up in the $100's. But read on my dear fashionista's, and I'll show you how to make your own metallic bangles by either up-cycling your old jewelry, or crafting them from scratch using a gold/metallic leafing technique!

Here is your list of materials:
  • New or used wooden/plastic bangle(s). Can be purchased here (under $6.00!).
  • Metal Leaf- Comes in gold leaf, silver leaf, bronze leaf, copper leaf, multi-metal leaf. This can be purchased at your local craft store or online.
  • Leafing Adhesive
  • Leafing sealer/polyurethane
  • wood primer
  • soft paint brush(s)
  1. Prime your surface with any kind of primer. I like to use spray primer. Spray the primer in even strokes making sure to cover all areas of your bangle.
  2. Apply your gold leaf adhesive with either a foam brush or paint brush.
  3. Cut your gold leaf into small workable strips if you have a large square of leaf. If you bought the leaf chips, ignore this step.
  4. Wait until the adhesive becomes tacky to the touch, not wet and not dry.
  5. Carefully drape your bangle in your gold leaf strips (or chips) with your finger or with a soft dry brush.
  6. Once entire bangle is covered, take your soft dry brush and smooth the gold leaf down to ensure adhesion. 
  7. Finally, seal your creation with gold leaf sealer or polyurethane and your set. Go diva!

Trend: Snakeskin

Snakeskin is a huge trend for spring. From bangles, to skirts, to shoes, all of the designers were getting on the wild side! Anyone that knows me knows I am slightly partial to anything that was once living (don't get mad PETA). I love animals and all, but I love the way they look on me as well! I frolick in furs, stomp the around the lower east side in leather, I go to work in gator. I relish in all things animal, and so should you, you fashion savvy reader! Now I know what you're thinking and you are right. Yes, things of this nature can get pricey. But you know I wouldn't leave you empty handed kind readers! Here are some fabulous finds to let your inner wild child come out. Welcome to the jungle baby!

  1. Natural Snakeskin Bangle Bracelet, by UNEARTHED
  2. Pink Snakeskin Clutch, by individualobjects
  3. 14 K Gold Snake Ring, by JewlerJim
  4. Baby Snake Necklace by Michellechangjewelry
  5. Nine and Co. Faux snakeskin cluth, from Kohls
  6. Jessica Simpson Peep Toe Flap, from
  7. Snakeskin Top, from Forever 21
  8. Leather Snakeskin belt, from
  9. Snakeskin Hobo, from Express

NY Fashion Week

Ok guys, so the schedule for NYC fashion week is up... here's what we're looking like:

Friday, feb 13, 2009
10 AM: The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2009
11 AM: Yigal Azrouel
1 PM: Duckie Brown
2 PM: Charlotte Ronson
6 PM: Nicole Miller
7 PM: This Day/Arise Magazine: African Fashion Collective 2009
9 PM: Venexiana

Saturday February 14, 2009
10 AM: Lacoste
11 AM: Georges Chakra
1 PM: Andy & Debb
3 PM: Barbie Runway Show
6 PM: Verrier
7 PM: Monarchy Collection

Sunday February 15, 2009
10  AM: Lela Rose
11 AM: Mara Hoffman/Nicholas K/Sergio Davila
711 Greenwich St
2 PM: Herve Leger by Max Azria
3 PM: Calvin Klein Men's Collection
205 W 39th St
4 PM: Diane Von Furstenberg
5 PM: Y-3
6 PM: Akiko Ogawa
8 PM: Miss Sixty

Monday February 16, 2009
9 AM: Farah Angsana
10 AM: Carolina Herrera
11 AM: Carlos Miele
12 PM: Jill Stuart
1 PM: Tracy Reese
2 PM: Donna Karan New York
711 Greenwich St.
4 PM: Yeohlee
5 PM: Tony Cohen
6 PM: Terexov
7 PM: William Rast

Tuesday February 17th, 2009
9 AM: Cynthia Steffe
10 AM: Badgley Mischka
11 AM: Matthew Williamson
1 PM: Pamella Roland
2 PM: Diesel Black Gold
3 PM: Dennis Basso
5 PM: Chocheng
6 PM: Max Azria
8 PM: Domenico Vacca

Wednesday February 18, 2009
9 AM: J. Mendel
10 AM: Nanette Lepore
11 AM: Michael Kors
12 PM: Richard Chai
3 PM: 3.1 Phillip Lim
4 PM: Alexandre Herchcovitch
6 PM: Milly by Michelle Smith
7 PM: Anna Sui

Thursday February 19, 2009
10 AM: Tommy Hilfiger
11 AM: Brian Reyes
1 PM: Rebecca Taylor
3 PM: Ports 1961
4 PM: Calvin Klein Woman's Collection
205 W. 39th St
6 PM: Christian Siriano
7 PM: Custo Barcelona
8 PM: Zac Posen

Friday February 20, 200
9 AM: Project Runway
10 AM: Ralph Lauren
275 Hudson St.
11 AM: Ralph Lauren
275 Hudson St.
12 PM: Tadashi Shoji

And there you have it !

DIY High end designer jacket

The perfect little jacket is essential to completing an outfit. You can wear something as simple as jeans and a white tee, but combine it with a nice jacket and "presto!" you look like a million designer dollars! Ok, so the jacket part... I love the cute cropped Chanel jackets. They are timeless classics, they are in style for life, and will also set you back a few, errr a lot of bucks. But no need to fear, the Haute Craftour is here! This little project is a fast and simple way to get a designer jacket look. This can also be applied to skirts, accessories, etc. Use your imagination, I know you guys are crafty!

I love this little cropped jacket from Delia's, only 19.99! This is your starting point. Now to get the look of a high end designer cropped jacket, all you have to do is add some grosgrain ribbon trim, and switch out the buttons! Here's what you'll need:
  1. Buy a great contrasting ribbon. White with black always looks so chic. You can buy tons of ribbon at M&J Trimming.
  2. You'll either need fabric glue or needle and thread/sewing machine. If you aren't the best sewer in the world, no worries! That's why we have glue! If you want to go the glue route, magna-tac is the best fabric glue out there.
  3. Gold rimmed buttons. You can also find these at M&J Trimming, or you could use great vintage buttons. I really like this button.
Now that you have your supplies, you are ready to go! Start out by figuring out where you want your ribbon to go. The best places to put it is along the center front opening of the jacket, along the neckline and or collar, and across the pockets.  If you are gluing the ribbon down, put small dots going down the ribbon, and press down on the fabric firmly when applying. Make sure that you burn the edges of the ribbon when you cut it so that it doesn't ravel on the end. If you are sewing the ribbon down, edge stitch each side of the ribbon down. Make sure you use a smaller needle, because a thicker one will puncture  a hole in the ribbon. 

Once your have your ribbon on, you can take off the ugly plastic buttons and upgrade your jacket with nice metal ones. Gold is very trendy right now, and really adds to the designer look of a jacket.

Now it's time to strut your stuff. As posh says, this look is MAJOR!

EtsY Seller of the Week

This weeks featured Etsy seller is Stylesmith! This store is so awesome! Stylesmith makes "pretty, whimsical and elegant accessories for the fabulous consumer." I love the hats that she makes. They are inspired by vintage silhouettes, but made completely new and unexpected in funky prints, fabrics, cut outs, and feathers! I love the theatricality of it all. Her jewelry is also very vintage in feel, very sweet quaint and romantic... perfect for Valentines day! Check her website out, stylesmith. She also writes a pretty cool blog, Check her out... immediately if not sooner!

NY Fashion Week

NY Fashion Week is exactly in uno mes muchacha's! But big news on the street, apparently the economy is hitting designers under the belt! The word is that fashion giants Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang, Carmen Marc Valvo, and Alice Temperly are all pulling out of this years fashion week, and many more are expected to follow.  
Vera commented to WWD, "It seems relevant today. I don't want to seem irrelevant or unaware of what's going on in the rest of the world- not just the fashion world... The intimacy of a smaller show feels much more appropriate for these times. I say that as a business owner, as a designer and as a person."
Oh Vera, so wise. I totally agree with her statement. But Betsey, oh sweet crazy Betsey. I long for pink and zebra print and floral ditsies all mixed together in one dress worn by a model with blood red hair and barbie lips!  What is this WORLD coming to? I LOVE the Betsey show, it's always so entertaining! What about your cartwheel B? It's your SIGNATURE! How DARE you! oh god, i'm gonna need a valium to calm me down over this!