Great crafting tutorial!

Hey guys! So I've been crazy busy lately, filling orders for a few boutiques (yay!) and making new crafts! I thought of a great new idea, and apparently I'm not as totally cool and original as I once thought because there is ALREADY a tutorial on how to do this. What is this magnificent project you say? None other than making a totally cool punky chic vest ala Vivienne Westwood style! Soooo, lucky for me now I don't have to write it (I admit it, I'm lazy!) But here's the link to it

Here's some great Etsy sellers that have taken applique' embellishments to the extreme!
  1. Flora Tee, by elizandaxel
  2. Merino Wool Cowl Top, by econica
  3. All you need is love tote, by greatfulthread
  4. Tank Dress, by DoveTree
  5. Sweet diamond dreams dress, by WholeLottaLook

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