NY Fashion Week

The most exciting thing is happening tomorrow! No, I'm not getting a mani-pedi, even though that would basically be the highlight of my month- it is the kick off of NEW YORK FASHION WEEK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! This is so great! I'm going to attempt to sneak in at all costs (which is mostly my dignity) I'm hoping that my roomate who works for a fashion PR company can finagle me in somehow, someway. A lowly fashion slave such as myself usually only dreams of waltzing under the great tents of Bryant park, canoodling with the likes of Heidi Klum and Victoria B. But I have a plan people- and if I can pull this off I will officially be possibly the coolest person in America. The plan you ask, let me indulge you my dear friends!

First, I am going to wear all black (standard new york attire!). I'll probably wear something weird like underwear on my head (black) and mile high stilletos, and I'll fit right in. Next, I am going to walk around with a sallow expression, and slightly sulk a little. I'm going to make some sort of badge, what will be written on it is yet to be decided. I will wear this pathetic thing around my neck and run around pretending to be important. Then, I will walk up to the large group of smokers sulking outside of the tent. I'll wave to a few people, blow some kisses. Of course they will wave back because they will think they are supposed to know me and they won't want to let on they have no idea who the hell I am. Finally, when a few people in the group throw their marlboro lights on the floor, I will do the same, and follow them right back into the tent. Quickly, I'll nod to Anna Wintour, flash a smile at the cute security guard who is making sure crazy fashionista's such as myself don't sneak into the tents, and make myself comfortable inevitably in the back row of an amazing (hopefully) fashion show.

So that's the plan people. Hopefully this works out... I will keep you updated!

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