DIY High end designer jacket

The perfect little jacket is essential to completing an outfit. You can wear something as simple as jeans and a white tee, but combine it with a nice jacket and "presto!" you look like a million designer dollars! Ok, so the jacket part... I love the cute cropped Chanel jackets. They are timeless classics, they are in style for life, and will also set you back a few, errr a lot of bucks. But no need to fear, the Haute Craftour is here! This little project is a fast and simple way to get a designer jacket look. This can also be applied to skirts, accessories, etc. Use your imagination, I know you guys are crafty!

I love this little cropped jacket from Delia's, only 19.99! This is your starting point. Now to get the look of a high end designer cropped jacket, all you have to do is add some grosgrain ribbon trim, and switch out the buttons! Here's what you'll need:
  1. Buy a great contrasting ribbon. White with black always looks so chic. You can buy tons of ribbon at M&J Trimming.
  2. You'll either need fabric glue or needle and thread/sewing machine. If you aren't the best sewer in the world, no worries! That's why we have glue! If you want to go the glue route, magna-tac is the best fabric glue out there.
  3. Gold rimmed buttons. You can also find these at M&J Trimming, or you could use great vintage buttons. I really like this button.
Now that you have your supplies, you are ready to go! Start out by figuring out where you want your ribbon to go. The best places to put it is along the center front opening of the jacket, along the neckline and or collar, and across the pockets.  If you are gluing the ribbon down, put small dots going down the ribbon, and press down on the fabric firmly when applying. Make sure that you burn the edges of the ribbon when you cut it so that it doesn't ravel on the end. If you are sewing the ribbon down, edge stitch each side of the ribbon down. Make sure you use a smaller needle, because a thicker one will puncture  a hole in the ribbon. 

Once your have your ribbon on, you can take off the ugly plastic buttons and upgrade your jacket with nice metal ones. Gold is very trendy right now, and really adds to the designer look of a jacket.

Now it's time to strut your stuff. As posh says, this look is MAJOR!

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