Trend: Snakeskin

Snakeskin is a huge trend for spring. From bangles, to skirts, to shoes, all of the designers were getting on the wild side! Anyone that knows me knows I am slightly partial to anything that was once living (don't get mad PETA). I love animals and all, but I love the way they look on me as well! I frolick in furs, stomp the around the lower east side in leather, I go to work in gator. I relish in all things animal, and so should you, you fashion savvy reader! Now I know what you're thinking and you are right. Yes, things of this nature can get pricey. But you know I wouldn't leave you empty handed kind readers! Here are some fabulous finds to let your inner wild child come out. Welcome to the jungle baby!

  1. Natural Snakeskin Bangle Bracelet, by UNEARTHED
  2. Pink Snakeskin Clutch, by individualobjects
  3. 14 K Gold Snake Ring, by JewlerJim
  4. Baby Snake Necklace by Michellechangjewelry
  5. Nine and Co. Faux snakeskin cluth, from Kohls
  6. Jessica Simpson Peep Toe Flap, from
  7. Snakeskin Top, from Forever 21
  8. Leather Snakeskin belt, from
  9. Snakeskin Hobo, from Express

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