Metallic's are right on the money right now! I love everything from silvery pewter, to bronze, to platinum! A great way to add some shine to your wardrobe is adding metallic bangles. Big chunky bangles such as those made by Kenneth Jay Lane can run you up in the $100's. But read on my dear fashionista's, and I'll show you how to make your own metallic bangles by either up-cycling your old jewelry, or crafting them from scratch using a gold/metallic leafing technique!

Here is your list of materials:
  • New or used wooden/plastic bangle(s). Can be purchased here (under $6.00!).
  • Metal Leaf- Comes in gold leaf, silver leaf, bronze leaf, copper leaf, multi-metal leaf. This can be purchased at your local craft store or online.
  • Leafing Adhesive
  • Leafing sealer/polyurethane
  • wood primer
  • soft paint brush(s)
  1. Prime your surface with any kind of primer. I like to use spray primer. Spray the primer in even strokes making sure to cover all areas of your bangle.
  2. Apply your gold leaf adhesive with either a foam brush or paint brush.
  3. Cut your gold leaf into small workable strips if you have a large square of leaf. If you bought the leaf chips, ignore this step.
  4. Wait until the adhesive becomes tacky to the touch, not wet and not dry.
  5. Carefully drape your bangle in your gold leaf strips (or chips) with your finger or with a soft dry brush.
  6. Once entire bangle is covered, take your soft dry brush and smooth the gold leaf down to ensure adhesion. 
  7. Finally, seal your creation with gold leaf sealer or polyurethane and your set. Go diva!

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